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Janet Wolfe Honored at 2009 WEST Leadership Awards Celebration

BOSTON, MA – (BUSINESS WIRE) – June 1, 2009 – Women Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology(WEST) hosted their second annual Leadership Awards Celebration on May 28, 2009, which showcased women who have demonstrated notable entrepreneurial leadership in science and technology, either by starting their own companies or successfully applying entrepreneurial thinking within larger organizations. Dr. Janet Wolfe, President and Founder of Wolfe Laboratories, Inc. (WLI), a biopharmaceutical development company located in Watertown, MA, was one of four awardees honored. The three other 2009 awardees included: Beth Friday, VP, Worldwide Client Support for IBM, Beth Marcus, Ph.D., Founder and CTO at Zeemote, and Adelene Perkins, President and Chief Business Officer at Infinity Pharmaceuticals.


Taking risks and leading their companies and colleagues to new levels of accomplishment, all four women are dynamic and influential leaders who have inspired others through their success stories. Reflecting on their achievements, each honoree shared their expertise and experiences to enrich and motivate attendees involved in science and technology. Honorees urged attendees not to be afraid to take risks in both careers and personal lives, to recognize employees as the most valuable assets and to treat them as such, and to listen to intuitions while not being afraid to make mistakes and admit them. The award winners instilled a sense of pride in individuals who want to become innovative leaders within their companies and enhance their professional and personal development, “What better fields than science and technology to offer opportunities for us to make a difference in the world?” award winner Adelene Perkins noted.


Dr. Wolfe shared three important life lessons: life is a journey, not a goal and it is the people who matter the most, choose your priorities or they will choose you, and you only get out of life what you put into it. “I’ve had many detours throughout my life,” Dr. Wolfe reflected. “Ultimately, by focusing on life’s journey rather than the end result, I’ve been blessed with extremely rewarding experiences and have enjoyed every step of the way.”


In his letter to Dr. Wolfe, Robert Coughlin, President and CEO of Massachusetts Biotechnology Council (MBC) congratulated Wolfe on her recent achievement, “As our industry continues to grow on a global level, innovation remains a key component for our state to remain competitive. You have certainly proved your commitment to promoting that innovation through your leadership at Wolfe Laboratories and elsewhere and we are honored to have you as a member of MBC.”


The WEST awards celebration was held at the law offices of Foley Hoag on Seaport Boulevard in Boston and is one of many networking events hosted by WEST every month.


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