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Wolfe Laboratories Expands its ADME and Cytotoxic Services

WATERTOWN, MA – August 8, 2009 – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Wolfe Laboratories, Inc. (WLI), a biopharmaceutical development services company, has expanded its ADME services to include Caco-2 permeability assays and intrinsic clearance elucidation. It has also upgraded its facility and operations to accommodate biosafety level 3 cytotoxics and high potency compounds. The company now offers integrated IND-enabling program support and management for the transition of candidate therapeutics from lead optimization to early clinical development. WLI’s comprehensive expert services encompass ADME, pre-formulation, formulation, and analytical development that facilitate IND filing for rapid clinical entry. The addition of Caco-2 permeability assays and intrinsic clearance services to Wolfe Laboratories’ ADME program provides clients with a single point of service for all relevant studies on their lead compounds, thereby saving time and resources.


An overview of WLI’s new services is as follows:


Caco-2 Permeability Assays

Caco-2 assays are an important tool for the prediction of in vivo intestinal permeability and oral bioavailability of drug candidates. Wolfe Laboratories’ services give a realistic representation of the intestinal permeability for a large class of compounds. WLI can identify potential problems in molecules with very high lipophilicity at an early stage and adjust the experimental molecules’ properties accordingly.


Intrinsic Clearance Service

Intrinsic clearance is the ability of the liver to remove a drug from the bloodstream. The in vitro assessment of intrinsic clearance reveals the enzymes that are involved in these complex metabolic pathways. Knowledge of these pathways is critical to understanding potential liabilities of experimental therapeutics. Wolfe Laboratories offers this service as a standalone test or integrated into a program of lead optimization and IND-enabling activities.


Cytotoxic and High Potency Facility

WLI now offers biosafety level 3 cytotoxic capabilities. Wolfe’s high potency facility and experienced staff can safely handle cytotoxic and high potency compounds. With 700 square feet of dedicated laboratory space, two four-foot hoods vented outside, 100 percent fresh air intake, and secure access, Wolfe Laboratories operates under the most stringent conditions when dealing with highly potent, cytotoxic compounds.


About Wolfe Laboratories, Inc. (WLI)

WLI is a biopharmaceutical development company that offers customized translational research services and comprehensive IND-enabling programs for biologics and small molecules. Through its development services in ADMET and CMC areas, as well as cGLP and cGMP testing, the company brings value to its clients by rapidly providing high quality project planning and execution through its experienced staff and management team. Drug Development Done Right. On Time. For more information, visit



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