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Wolfe Laboratories Extends Collaborative Training Opportunity to South African Chemists

WATERTOWN, MA – (BUSINESS WIRE) – June 23, 2011 – Wolfe Laboratories, Inc. (WLI), an integrated early development biopharmaceutical services company located in Watertown, MA, is establishing a post-graduate traineeship program in Pharmaceutical Chemistry for South African chemists in collaboration with the Globalization of Pharmaceutics Education Network and the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at The University of Kansas. This highly competitive program will provide didactic and hands-on training to recent South African graduates for technical and managerial careers in the global biopharma industry.


As large pharma’s business model evolves and companies grow increasingly reliant on external partners, there is a perpetual need for technically competent scientists on an international level. The industry is aggressively expanding into emerging markets as a high growth revenue source, and South Africa holds unprecedented opportunity.


Among the world’s most rapidly growing economic regions, Africa is a continent with a “new commercial vibrancy” where foreign investment is surging, according to the McKinsey Global Institute’s 2010 Report. Its foreign direct investment from 2000-2008 increased from $10 billion to $88 billion, surpassing India and approaching China. Further, as Europe’s population shrinks and labor costs in China and India rise, Africa is quickly attracting significant investment from large pharma. With its working-age population expected to double from 500 million to 1.1 billion by 2040, it is positioned to become the largest continent and will account for a significant share of global consumption.


South Africa is among the continent’s four most advanced economies, boasting a stable government, reliable infrastructure, and steady increase in consumer spending within the growing urban middle class. The country’s government is committed to adding “knowledge-intensive” jobs in healthcare, biotech and pharma, contributing to the critical need for highly trained scientists.


To address this need, WLI will host the five-year traineeships at its state-of-the-art facility, located in the heart of Boston’s life science hub. Eligible applicants must have earned a B.S., M.S., or a Ph.D. in chemistry, biochemistry, or a related discipline within the past 24 months from a South African college or university, and obtained an appropriate United States visa. In the first two years, successful applicants will participate in a rigorous laboratory-based training program that includes a wide array of analytical and bioanalytical techniques, in vitro ADME tests and physicochemical characterization of small molecules and biologics. In the subsequent three years, trainees will have the option of participating in either the Distance Masters Program at the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at The University of Kansas, or expanding their laboratory skills to include Good Manufacturing Practices. Upon completion, the successful scientists will be well positioned to compete for highly technical career opportunities in the global biopharma industry.


Rick Eastwick, WLI’s Head of Human Resources, will meet with Professor David Gammon, acting Chair of the Chemistry department at the University of Cape Town in South Africa on July 15, 2011. As Africa's highest ranked institution and the only African university to be ranked among the world’s top 200, University of Cape Town will be a key partner in the traineeship program.


The program will provide scientific, technical and managerial training to the South African workforce in collaboration with its academic partners, thus fulfilling the need for improved education to create skilled scientists that are essential to biopharma’s global ecosystem. As large pharma expands into emerging markets, South African scientists will prepare through real world training in a fast-paced laboratory environment, combined with premier academic training from one of the world’s top Pharmaceutical Chemistry programs. Participants will develop their technical expertise, enabling them to drive innovation and value for the biopharmaceutical industry worldwide.



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